Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Misplacing God.........

(and finding Him again) By Joanne Heim

I am finally going to talk about it! I never said I was fast! lol

Anywho, a while ago Joanne(I am going to speak of her as if we are real friends-pssssst. in some strange way I feel we are. :) on her blog she asked for volunteers to read her book or was it she would just send copies to some. Shoot I told ya it has been a while and I am to lazy to go look it up so anyway........ I gave her my address and stuff and forgot all about it. Well much to my surprise I got it and I started to read it. It really only took me two days but then I had to put it down. So much to my surprise I felt the urge/calling to read it again and so I did but this time it took longer because I also felt the need to highlight what spoke to me.

This is what it says on her amazon page about the book: "In a fast-paced life it can be hard to find a place for God, but Joanne Heim offers inspiration and advice to make God a part of your busy world."

Basically it is about finding quiet time with God. WOW! Such an easy thing to say but in real life a hard one to do. Am I right?

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Joanne gives good-clear ideas how to do it-without telling you how to do. Make sense? She speaks of all woman in all stages of life. What works for one will not work for others. So it is geared to everyone. She backed it with Scriptures and if you will forgive me for a second-I am no writer just a wife, mom and daughter of God who is learning and it spoke to me! If I was to rename it I would call it: " The Quiet time for Dummies. " I have and still am having trouble "doing quiet time" in the morning, I am so not a morning person-Joanne speaks of this. She says it is when your morning starts not some ideal time that everyone else is doing. Hellooooooooooo she is talking to me and not making me feel guilty. Which I sometimes feel when I listen to other ladies who have this grand quiet time(or so I think) and I am not and I think I am failing but know I am not. I just have to find what is right for me.

One of her chapters was on "Finding Prayer"-the first sentence I underlined was: "Prayer is simple conversation with God. " WOW!!!! I had been doing this all along but I just wasn't doing it in the morning. I know that when I get up I should spend quiet time with God first thing to help set my day and I am not there yet but I know I will be. God is faithful and He will meet me wherever I am.

I want to end with what she says at the end. I am not going to "quote-quote her" but here it is in a nut shell.

God had invited you to spend time with you-He even put a big RSVP on it. So her question was and I will quote it exactly like she did:

" How will you respond?"

PS. If you can read the book-I am sure you will enjoy!


Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Thank you, Bobbie Jo!

Conny said...

BJ - excellent job on the book review! It definitely makes me want to read the book. THanks for sharing.

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