Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday madness

What a day! I am in a bit of a funk-not sure why but still had things to do.
Took the girls to get their final guardasil(sp) shot plus Jordan had to get some other one-I can't recall at the moment what though. Anywho, they are now good to go. Dropped them off at school.
Came home and started cleaning and doing laundry. Broke a nail so I went to get that fixed. Much better now.
Made dinner-ate dinner-picked up Jordan from softball-picked up Chelsea and went to Girl Scouts. They are starting to think about earning their Gold Award. I hope they both do it but at this point I have no idea if they will or not. Came home and started working on my Bible Study! Can't wait to discuss it tomorrow night.
There are a lot of topics swirling around my head at the moment but not sure what I want to do with it.

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