Friday, March 6, 2009


well at least for about 7 more minutes- give or take!

It was a nice day here today! I have had the windows open for the past few days-lovin' it!

I have been busy! Good busy but busy. Today Lonnie had come home and we were talking about it and he said to me" Good thing you aren't working." I was like yeah but why and he said he didn't know how I would manage everything if I still was. :) That just made me happy to hear-I so needed it. I would like to work to help contribute but my job is here and well my pay is well non-negotiable. lol

Jordan has had softball the last two days so no school for her and she couldn't play. She got hurt and well if you don't practice then you don't play. So, she is mad about not playing.

The boy had school and was mad that he didn't get to miss school.
Chelsea is still at Austin and will find out tomorrow how she did-it is driving me crazy not knowing. However, she did find out tonight that she made Servant Team. She so wanted to do this and will get the chance. She will be a "camp counselor" for church camp all summer long. She will even get paid. She would have done it for free and she won't be rich but she is happy. We are proud of her they only picked 12 out of 25(we think) applicants. We think it is pretty cool she got picked since she is still "new" here. God is going to do wonderful things for my girl. The only issue I have is that she probably will not get to go to FL & Ohio with us when we go in July. It is my 20th high school reunion. So that will have to wait and see how it plays out.
Here is the new puppy & the old one! Thank goodness the new puppy is cute or I think he maybe takin' a trip. He is like having a toddler. lol

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

WooHOO Chelsea - that's our girl!

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