Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hump Day

Yep it is Wednesday! It was a crazy, crazy day! A good day but a crazy one.

Tonight I had my 6th grade girl Bible Study! Oh my!!!! It has been a while since we met! I had forgotten how silly they are! :) Tonight I had 8 girls(3 who were new) and missing 2 of the regulars. So that will put me at 10 girls. What a blessing and fear all rolled into one. We had pizza & soda tonight and prayer. Next week we will start the actual Bible Study-we meaning they decided to start the new book! After looking at it looks like it will be fun. I am going to try & do 2 lessons in one. They have such great topics. Anywho, it was good to see them and I think they were happy to see us. I have a helper. :) Lonnie is on his own with the boys and he to had some new boys! So if you can keep us in your prayers with this that would be awesome!
Speaking of Bible Studies-I started the Beth Moore today after I got home from work! I think it is going to be a good one! My only complaint is the font seems a little small to me-it could be my glasses which I will be getting new ones next week ordered. I just need to find some I like( I am very picky with this).
I am still memorizing my Bible verse and I think I have it down. I get caught up with a couple of the words but I am happy with it! Tomorrow I need to pick a new one! I have a few that I like but nothing jumps out at me. YET!
Anywho I am off to bed-early for me! I am tired. I didn't sleep well last night at all not a big deal as I have always had problems but I am just flat out tired! I made my lunch for tomorrow so a little reading and sleeping I hope to be. Catch on the flip side!


Rebekah said...

I cant imagine 10 silly girls...LOL. Im sure it can be a handful

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

I'm really enjoying the focus on Psalms. Good stuff. 10 silly girls...shew.

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