Friday, January 16, 2009


that is the topic for today!
Work was well crazy! Big changes are a brewing with babies either moving up or out. However, one's last day was yesterday-all of a sudden. what made it odd was the mom said nothing in the morning when I talked to her. Then one of my favorite "biters" is leaving. He is moving to a different day care where his older sister goes but I will still get to see his baby sister. Then we are getting 5 new ones on Monday! That should be fun! NOT! Two are new and the others are coming from the other room-which always makes it more difficult. They are use to one way and well we do it a whole different way and only take one nap at a certain time. Should make for a very long day. Plus there was other drama in the baby building with cleaning and babies not be taken care of-hurt feelings and all kinds of stuff like that.
Then tonight one of my kids called me to ask me to take her & her friend to a restaurant(not McDonalds either) and drop them off for dinner and then come back later to pick them up. When I said what is wrong with the other mom since they were at the other girls house-I get and I have to quote it:" Her mom is tired-she works!" OMG!! What?! I work to but I guess that doesn't count. I love my kids but seriously!
Then my our new dog and old dog got into a little doggy growling match which ended up in showing of teeth and biting. No one was hurt. I know that the new one is a puppy and all and the old one is well older. I am just going to watch them more closely for the time being. I would hate to give her back since the boy is head over in love with the dog. However, he does know that if it happens again some dog is leaving and well it won't be Bailey-she was here first!
So, anywho on to other things I have picked my new memory verse and will post it in its own post next!

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