Monday, January 26, 2009

Good things

Can I just say God is good! Yes he is! I have been working on my Bible study-I am caught up but I was behind! lol This past week I just didn't work on it the way I wanted to. So, today I sat down and really did what I should have done a little at a time. However, I think that I needed to have the breakthrough by doing it all at once. I cried! I got mad! cried some more! I was a mess! I don't understand it all but got what I need/want! Plus even though the Bible study has nothing to do with my word/theme I felt it creep into my thinking while reading the Psalms. It was a ride.
Lonnie & I got an unexpected mail today. What a blessing!
Jordan made the JV softball team! I know she says she didn't want to but in my heart I know she did! I can't wait to see her play! We are proud of her! I want for her to be happy!
Chelsea is preparing for BPA on Saturday! They are going to competition in Odessa. Please pray for her. My girl gets nervous. She had to have a business dress so we picked that up tonight.
The boy is well being a boy! He is complaining that his knees are hurting. If this continues then I will be making an appointment.
I am enjoying being home. My house is clean-laundry is caught up. Dinners are on time(for the most part) and I just love being here. :)
Life is good!

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