Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The kids are on a two hour delay for tomorrow. They knew this after school today! @@ Can I just laugh here for a minute! I mean really! I am not saying it wasn't a smart thing to do but shouldn't they have at least waited to see IF it was going to get bad first. Oh well! It will be interesting in the morning. It is cold though! Brrrrrr! I guess being from up North-we take a bit of a wait & see approach.
Lonnie & I decided to go shopping since PWOC was canceled. We ordered my freezer!!!! I can't wait until Thursday when it gets here. I may have to miss the lunch with the Navy "commander" though! Oh well I can see him any time! lol We have been with out an extra freezer for about a year now & I miss it! The last one I got when I worked at Wal*Mart and it last for about 10 years. It was a chest one-this time we got an upright one! Plus we got a good deal-it was the last one and the guy gave us 10% (he has done this for us with every appliance we have bought from him) and we will get our delivery fee back-just have to do the rebate form. So not a bad deal!
Can you say a little prayer for Jordan-she came home sick today! She is feeling a little better and will go back to school tomorrow. I just worry because she will have softball practice after school-outside and it is cold!
Anywho that is about it from me. I think I will wake Lonnie up from his chair and go to bed! We get to sleep in a little bit tomorrow!

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