Monday, January 19, 2009


Not really why that for a title but that is what came to me so be it! :)
Anywho, work was was crazy-with moving of babies to cots from cribs who aren't really ready but have to be since new-younger babies came in. Getting a weird(er) vibe from work than usual. Upsetting someone at work but wasn't my intention. I am a fence sitter and see both sides and so I wanted to ask a question of the other girl and well it upset the one who was talking. Am I vague enough? I need to put this to prayer.
Went to the consultation for Jordan to get her braces. Thank-God for dental insurance. It won't pay for it all but some is way better than none. She starts the process on 5 February. She will have them on for about two years. Not bad! I love how the orthodontist lets you make payments right to them with no "loan" or finance charges or even late charges. Not that we do that but it definitely makes it manageable. Plus I am thrilled that she will have her whole braces here in Texas. Transferring is a pain.
Coming home and having pizza for dinner! No one felt liking cooking. Not really WW friendly but I am not going to feel guilty. Did lose a little more weight. Not great but I'll take it.
After much prayer about it I have decided to step back from leading a girl scout troop. This was hard for me! I have been a leader for the past 11 years. However with this time off that I had it felt that I needed to do it. I was suppose to lead a group of 5th grade Juniors;however, only 2 are still interested and one needs at least 5 for a troop. Definitely a God thing here(even though I didn't really want to see it). So, I am going to be just a mom of Girl Scouts. :)
I am done with both Bible Studies-the one I attend. Which I can't wait. I enjoyed it but have some questions. I am sure I am just over thinking it. And I have the Bible study I lead done! I am excited about it! We are starting with the new book and man does it look good. I am going to change it up a bit! I bought the girls their new folders today! Can't wait to get started!
I know this post is super long but had a lot to say.
On one more final note-keep me in your prayers. I am in a little bit of a funk. Not sure why-but am.
Need to get my dinner started to put in the crock-pot for tomorrow so I'll catch ya later!

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