Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hodge Podge Post

Phew!!!! What a crazy day! It was just rough at work! All 3 baby rooms had crying babies all day long! I know babies cry but imagine 6 hours of crying. At least in our room they did stop for lunch & naps! Phew!!! We had 6 new babies! One was just dropped off-no notice from the front-no papers on her! What a mess! I had words with one of the girls-she thinks she is in charge and was barking orders at me about the new baby & I said I just got here and that isn't my job! Then to top that off no checks today! Thank God I don't need the money but the other girls do! I pray that tomorrow will be better! I really do love the babies but it is getting harder and harder to stay there. I could say more here but I don't want to bore you or anything so just pray for me!

Had PWOC tonight! Good times! I do love it! I do need to stop over thinking it though. I make it harder than it really is! Plus I really do need to pay attention to the Scriptures. I keep reading the wrong ones and then get frustrated when the study questions don't make sense!

I am watching/listening to the Inaugural event(had to DVR since I work)! WOW! Can I just say even though I didn't vote for him I am just thrilled to have seen history being made! I mean really how can any American not feel some sort of pride in that! I will be lifting up our new President and family and other government leaders in prayer!
One other thing about the inauguration was hearing the Navy Choir sing the National Anthem!!!! GO NAVY!!!!!

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