Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

Well if you noticed I was able to put up a picture with my header! :) Go ME!!!!
This is my mantle! I love-love having one! Lonnie just bought me the stocking holders. I think they are perfect & to think I almost let the kids talk me out of getting them! lol

The boy had his first band concert tonight. It went well! He has only been playing about 3 weeks. He has Chelsea's old clarinet! He likes playing and that makes me happy! I thought we were done with middle school band-guess not!

Work has been ok! Nothing new on the prayer front with that! I told the girls to just turn it over to God-he'll work it out!

Tomorrow is Friday! Thank goodness. I am watching a baby of one of the girls I work with. She works until 5:30 and the baby daddy works at 2:30 so they need someone and so she asked me since I get off at 2. I said sure-he is such a cutie. He is only 7 weeks old-so a baby-baby! I told her that he would go with me when I run errands or picking up kids and she said that would be no problem. I really like her or I wouldn't do it!

We also did our"wish" list for our gift exchange. WOW! That was fun and interesting seeing what everyone wanted. I kind of know what I am getting my person! I think! lol

Well I think I am going to go and do some stuff around the house and then off to bed! I will leave you with a picture of our Christmas tree!


Conny said...

I love love love your mantle!! THat's one thing missing at my house: a fireplace w/ mantle. LOVE the stocking holders too (PS funny story - when Andrew was little, he always called the stockings, CHRISTMAS FEET!). Glad things are ok at work!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Way to go with the photo. I'm still praying with you about the work situation.

Love your Christmas tree.

Just me~ Bobbie Jo said...


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