Friday, December 12, 2008

Late night

Well it is Friday for about 20 more minutes! I just got done baking 4 dozen tuxedo brownies for tomorrow. We are having the command adult Christmas party and the cost to get in is a dessert! Not a bad deal! Should be fun! Lonnie & I both have new outfits for the event! I was even able to get him a new Christmas tie! His old one is old and I am tired of seeing it! lol The girls will be doing the baby-sitting. As it stands right now they should have 11 kids.
I watched the baby from work-man is he soooooooo little! He is such a cutie. He slept most of the time he was here so I was able to get done what needed to be done. I also brought home the sheets and blankets from work to wash and dry. Our dryer went out in our building and it needed to be done. I don't mind bringing that stuff home but I did say I wouldn't bring the bibs and towels. Those are just gross and Lonnie would not like the food that gets stuck on them and then put that in our washer/dryer. I can't blame him.
I am tired! But I can't sleep yet-Chelsea is still out with her boyfriend. They are at a birthday party.
I think we are going to sleep in and we may try to go out tomorrow and get the kids ornaments. Every year they get to pick their own. The only time they didn't was when we did the series and those were only for the first 5 years. It is neat to look back and see what they picked. When they move out I plan on giving them to have for their own tree. Lonnie & I will definitely need to get more or we will have a naked tree. :)

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