Monday, December 8, 2008


I could use them as could the two girls I work with in our baby room at work but especially the baby in question. We meaning me and the other 2 girls are being "looked" at for hurting a baby I know that it isn't us so that means it has to be someone else. This all went down today at work and they have 30-45 days to come to some decision.
Speaking personally(it is my blog) I know that I would never hurt a baby ever. This baby is well not well! He is very thin and something is definitely wrong with him and now this-PLEASE pray for him. I know I will be fine but him-he needs to be lifted up in prayer.


Conny said...

oh no, BJ.....I'm so sad about this. I know FOR SURE TOO that you'd never hurt a baby. It is sad to think anyone would or could :( Prayers from me!! conny

Jennifer said...

You are in my prayers BJ. I know you are not capable of such of a thing. Prayers for the child too.

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