Monday, November 10, 2008

Welcome back to.................

the chaos! I went back to work today! Oh my!!! Lots going on! I didn't work my room today at first but the middle room. I found out the one girl was fired last week-she was a mess. I am sorry she got fired but glad she is gone. She caused a lot of drama and that place doesn't need any more than it already has. Also, the head "teacher" in the baby-baby room gave notice and her last day is this Friday. I am sad about that. She is older than me and really is good in there! I hate to see her go! I don't blame her for going but man it stinks! They asked me if I would work the room and I said I would work any where in the baby building but now I am re-thinking it. You see they have a baby in there that is more important then any other baby-not really but that is how it is made out to be. He is the great grand baby of the owner and grand baby of the CO-owner and they micromanage his care whenever he is in the room. I know that I will not be able to be quiet about it. I treat all babies the same! So, it will be interesting. I am just grateful that I don't need this job. I do love my babies but if any more drama comes out of the place towards me I am out for good-I went back after the whole cell phone issue but will not budge on this one.
Anywho-welcome back to work me! lol
Other than work issues had some at home. Jordan forgot to have us fill out the forms for parents that work for the federal govt. So I had to go to school and do that. Then I got home and wanted to start working on the rest of dinner when I got a call from the boy-he needed me to come to his school about something that happened to him earlier in the day. That was it-no other explanation. So, I got there and had a meeting with him, his teacher and the student teacher. It ended up being a misunderstanding on him and the student teacher and luckily I kept a cool head and was able to sort it all out! Thank-goodness. Everyone apologized and it should all be fine.
Came home from that and finished my dinner. It was good! We had BBQ that was in the crock pot all day. We also had corn and biscuits! yummmmmmy!!!!!!!! Now I am in my pj's playing on here and in a bit I am going to go work on my 6th grade girls bible study! Man I love those crazy silly girls! Who knew that leading them would be fun for me-I think I have learned more than I have taught.

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