Friday, November 14, 2008

drama, drama , drama

that seems to be my work life right now. I still feel led to be there and pray for them but man oh man. Remember how I said the head teacher in one room gave notice well she just left on Wednesday-went to lunch and never game back just because she didn't get her regular lunch time-you have got to be kidding me?! Grow up already! Then that same night I had 6th grade bible study-went well & interesting(another topic later) and ate pizza came home & started not feeling well ( figured it was the pizza just "talking" to me) anywho I got sick and it was not so nice. It was from two places. Tried to sleep, on & off, got up got ready for work (yep I went @@) had to leave for my follow-up to my surgery. Got to the office, laying in a not so nice position and got sick. Called work and went home and went to bed! I slept on and off all day long. Went back to work today and feel off but not sick-sick! I worked in room 1 not sure I can do that every day-I really am attached to my room which leads to some other drama. We have this one baby who lets just call him "eddie"(not his real name) he comes dirty and smelly but that isn't the real problem today he has sores on his side near his butt-it isn't a rash. His mom's explanation doesn't make sense. If I wouldn't get in trouble I would bring him home with me-it breaks my heart! And his mom is going to have another one! Why?????? Why do people who can't take care of the kids they have keep having more????? I just don't get it!
I am praying like crazy for them but sometimes it just gets to me!

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