Thursday, November 27, 2008

Two in one day.............

yep-two post in one day. Gotta love it! All is well here-everyone ate a good meal! We ate kind of late around 6:00. I am not one that likes to eat super early.
Way before dinner Lonnie & I went to the galley(like a cafeteria for you non Navy types) to serve for Thanksgiving Dinner. It was our first time and we had a nice time. It is tradition for the Officers to do that at holidays.
Now I am playing on here-waiting for Chelsea to come home. She is over at her boyfriends house. Lonnie told her she couldn't go until after dinner. They are watching the game. She can't stay out to late since I want to get a little sleep before Lonnie & I venture out for Black Friday. I love going-I don't really have to have anything but I love going and seeing what good deals I can get and watch people at the same time. When I go I don't fight or get annoyed. I think that is the best way to do it! There is two things that if I get will be nice and if I don't it will be fine. Wal*Mart has some rubber maid containers for $7 for 24 pieces-all of my old ones have left the building and not sure why & where and jeans for $8-which I need since I only own 2 pair. Great deals!
So anyone else going out in the morning?

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