Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Evening

Yep that is what it is! I haven't wrote since Thursday! Thanksgiving went well of course you can read about it!
Got up late on Friday! oops! Wanted to be out the door by 4 am-didn't happen. Was out by 5! Got to Wal*Mart! Found the jeans that were on sale and the rubbermaid containers. Plus of course I picked up some Christmas items. Won't post since I have no idea if kids read my blog or not! lol Went to Walgreens and they sold out in 18 min. of the one and only thing I wanted from there. Oh well! Not a big deal but wow! Then off to the mall-picked up some more items. The best deal ever was the 2 ski coats we picked up for the girls(they know about them). In March they are going skiing with the youth group over spring break. Anywho, regular price was $150.00! ouch!!! We got them for $29.99 each! Whooo hoooooo!!!! Awesome!!! Even if they only wear them the one time I can live with that!!!
Saturday was a pretty quiet day over all. We did do some grocery shopping and errand running. I love to grocery shop!!! Oh I put up the tree and other decorations. Will take pictures.
Sunday was church and the 3 kids are at youth helping the littles with the Advent program. Big Lonnie is watching football and me just dishes(waiting on the dishwasher), laundry and starting dinner for tomorrow.
Tomorrow is the back to normal-kids go back to school!

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