Saturday, November 8, 2008

I love HEB

I am in love with HEB and because of my love I could stay here in Texas and be very, very happy! :)
They remodeled there store and now have a Sushi bar! yuuuuuummmmmmy!!!
That is the one of the thing I miss from Hawai'i!
Tonight after the boy's football game(they won their first game today 12-0) we stopped in to pick up a few items and we went to look to see what kind of sushi they had. I didn't see my favorite but I asked and the guy Jimmy who is my very best friend who I now love(just kidding) made some for me-fresh inari(not sure of the spelling). It is the bestest!!! Plus I picked up chicken potstickers-another yummy dish!!! I "heart" HEB!!

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