Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Thursday.................

hahahahahahahaha!!!! I know, I know it is Friday but all day it just seemed like Thursday to me!
Anywho, I am feeling 100% better. I am not healed completely but I feel better. I guess I really did need these extra days.
I am going to go back to work Monday-I miss the babies but I have enjoyed being home again.
I took the girls to get their second Gardasil shot and they said they needed flu shots so we all got those today. I even had to get a tetanus shot. I did not like the new system. It was long. But they didn't ask me so I guess it doesn't matter what I think.
The girls are out at the last football game of the season-thank goodness. And the boy has his 2 friends spending the night since their house is over-run with a 10 year old girl sleep-over. lol
I have two dozen brownies cooling right now for the band bake-sale tomorrow. I hate working at them but will bake my booty off for them. It is a good trade off!!
Chelsea has to take the Pre-Plan ACT thing at school and Lonnie is running for some fundraiser with the Navy. Then it is our last regular football game for the boy. After this week we should have just the "Super Bowl." I love Texas ball(not)-lol!!! It is crazy!
I have been busy today-did all the laundry which I HATE! I even folded it but Lonnie came home and saved me from putting it away(that is what I hate the most!)!!! The house is clean-I did a little bit each day. Had a long talk with the kids at dinner about them pulling their share. I have a plan in place so we will see how it goes down. They are good kids but lazy with their chores.
I am going to work on more of my Bible Study-I am enjoying it!!
Life is Good!!!

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