Friday, October 17, 2008


That is what my house is right now! Lonnie is at a retirement thing and I didn't want to go since I knew no one, the oldest is at an away football game playing with the band, J is at softball and the boy is going skating with some friends-Me I just caught up on some DVR that only I like.
Did you ever just have a day when things are on your mind but you just don't know what? That is the day I am having. I feel as if I should be doing something just not sure of the what.
I still have my cough which is driving me crazy. Work was well work! It wasn't to bad just the same old same old. We ended up having all of our babies but one. I definitely like working only 6 hours who would have thought that those extra 2 hours were a pain.
Oh well gonna go and do some other things. Supposedly when Lonnie gets home we are going to take a long walk.

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