Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Oh what a couple of days it has been. Yesterday I went and made my appointment for my two procedures:Endometrial Ablation & the other is a TVT-O Suburethral Sling. I am very very happy about both-I go next Tuesday! Call me weird but I am. It has been a long time coming. I will be out of work a couple of days I think but will not be able to lift anything over 20lbs for 6 weeks,so I will not be able to work my room so we are trying to figure that out. We will see how that works out.
The boy has had a couple of rough days. I love 6th grade-NOT!! lol It is such a huge growing phase that honestly I will be happy that this will be my last one. I don't recall the girls being so emotional-I am sure they were or they are making up for it now. lol Thank-goodness I love them sooooooooooooooo.
I had both of my Bible Studies this week. Enjoyed them both. Next week is my last one on Monday night until spring-if I join that one. I like the ladies but with all the kid activities and stuff I could use that evening to get other things done.
So, that is what is happening with me.

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