Monday, October 27, 2008

Tomorrow and this & that

OK it is the night before my surgery-I am ready! It has been along time coming. I have people praying for me which is super nice but they are starting to freak me out a bit. We have only been here a short time and I am getting calls & e-mails and people stopping me at church and bible study-offering to help me and the family. I am just not use to it! I am just praying to God to let me feel comfortable to accept the help if need be but it is soooooooooooo not my way! I have been doing it on my own for a very long time and if Lonnie isn't helping me which he is then I just do for myself.
My only real concern is work. I know! I know!! It shouldn't be but it is! I weighed all the babies in my room and all but one is over 20 lbs. That stinks for me since I was hoping it would have been half & half. I worked in the baby-baby room today and well after watching how the one girl took care of my babies I just don't know if I can sit and do nothing for 6 weeks. I have grown close to them. What am I to do? Just give it to God!
Anywho, now I am just waiting to go to bed. I want to eat around 11:30 PM tonight, take my meds and go to sleep. I am not allowed any food or water after midnight! Blech! I can take my morning meds but was told to only use very little water. I can go all day without eating and not be hungry BUT the minute they tell me I can't eat you would think I was starved. I hope I don't get to grumpy! I have to be at the hospital at 10 am and hopefully my surgery will be soon after. There are 3 other people in front of me!
Please pray for them, the doctors and me.

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