Saturday, May 3, 2008

two in a row...........

Go me! lol This is going to be short since I am going to try & be in bed at a decent time since I have a long crazy day tomorrow.
Lonnie made it to Texas with the dog and saw the house! I am so jealous right now-I so want to see it! lol Soon!! Anywho, his flight was a little over 6 hours-that is awesome. Hopefully, we will get that lucky on our flight! He said overall it went well except they lost the dogs brand new water bottle and for the whole flight she sat in water-she was wet and her food too. That stinks. Oh well that is over now! So, they are in the hotel right now and will get up in the morning and do what they need to get done there and then they will be on the road to Jacksonville.
Well, I am out-my bed(aka air mattress) is calling me-PLEASE let me sleep tonight!

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