Monday, May 5, 2008

No post yesterday!

Sorry-I had every attention of posting yesterday but I was pooped! We had a long day! Yesterday, started off watching my son play baseball. He got to pitch in the last inning-who knew he could pitch! lol He did well-he struck out 2 at first then one got a hit and then he struck out another guy! It was crazy hot out! Chelsea & I got a little burned but not to bad! So, after the game we booked it downtown so Chelsea could receive her Silver Award for Girl Scouts. It is the second highest you an earn. Here we are after the event!

Her dad & I are so proud!
While on our way Lonnie got sick in the car. Luckily he had a bag and was able to do it all in there. I don't do throw up at all! I think he got sick because of the heat then we were in the AC and driving around in the car-made for a very sick time! My good friend Becky here called her husband to see if he would come and get him so neither one of us would miss the ceremony! Aren't good friends great? I sure will miss them!

I also got new pictures of the house but I will add those later!


Lelia Chealey said...

Hi Bobbie Jo!
Thanks for visting my blog & leaving the name suggestion for my granddaughter to call me. Tu-tu doesn't sound all that bad! :)
I just read through your other post and saw you won the Beth Moore book that Jenny gave away. I just bought that book on Friday so you'll have to let me know when you get it & what God shows you through it. Would love to discuss it with another sister in Christ. :)
Moving out of Hawaii? I don't think I'd mind living there for awhile...anywhere but Nebraska would be good I think.
Well, just wanted to say hello.

Lelia Chealey said...

Also congrats to both your son & daughter. Way to strike them out & good job on achieving an award Girl! Boy, what a day for Mom! :)

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