Friday, May 2, 2008

Let the journey begin..........

yeah! yeah! yeah! I know-I am not doing very good with this blog thing .
Anywho, today was the day that I took my husband & dog to the airport to begin our PCS journey! So, that means I really am on the down swing left here on the island-38 days! WOW!!! Crazy huh? So, everything is on track here for us-the only change was getting the rental-we have to do a day earlier since the company that we are shipping Lonnie's car won't do the 5th so the 4th is the new day!
The kids are doing somewhat well with this-I can see their attitudes/moods changing and that is to be expected. I know it is the calm before the storm. I think I prefer moving when they were little. Oh well what can you do!
Well, I think I will go do some reading on here and then lay down-I should be getting an early call once Lonnie lands on the ground. So, if anyone is reading say a little prayer for him that he can find & pick-up our truck in Dallas-all with his luggage and our 77lb "lap" dog and her kennel!

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