Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just rambling

Well, as you can see I am bad about updating this-really I am going to try! I have a great deal on my mind and get lost in that!
Anywho, I love reading blogs(that is why I started one) and I read A LOT of them! And in one of the blogs Standing at the water's edge...: A poll and a book give-away I did the poll and left a comment and by doing so I was entered into a drawing for Beth Moore's book-"Praying God's Word". Well much to my surprise-I was chosen! I cried! I am struggling right now-and I think/hope/pray(not in that order) that the book will help me. I so can't wait to get it.

And another good thing happened today. Again on one of the blogs I read:Speaking Thru Me-there are these beautiful purses with bible verses on them. One of my favorites is: Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengths me." She had another one and I showed my husband and he said get it so that would be my Mother's Day present but I held off until today when low and behold there was the one I exactly wanted and it has a matching wallet! So, thanks to my husband I will be the proud owner of them(as soon as the paypal thing clears).

You are probably wondering why am I writing about all of this and truth be told I am not sure myself other than God is good! Like I said I am struggling but I am being faithful and God is showing me what I need at the time. My life is moving fast literally and figuratively. My husband is leaving in the next couple of days and then the kids and I will follow in June. I am ready for this move but at the same time I want to stay here with the covers over my head. I keep praying for God to tell me what I need but I so want Him to do it NOW!
I guess I will end here-I am rambling.

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