Saturday, April 19, 2008

sleep or lack of

I should be sleeping but am I? Nope! Why aren't I sleeping because I can't! I feel tired and will even be dozing downstairs but the minute I get into bed and lay down I am wide awake! AHhhhhhh! I know what my problem is but can't fix it-I can't turn my mind off. I lay there thinking about this and that and what and where and who. I have always been this way but lately it is just out of sorts. I am sure it is just because of the move and well to be honest(I can be since no one is reading this-yet) I think-NO I know that I am freaked out about being back on the mainland again. The last time was a little over 3 years ago and it was hard leaving but not for the reason one would think. It is because the night we were suppose to fly out my mom passed away. I would love to say it gets easier over time but truth be told it really hasn't-I have just stopped talking to people who have gone on-no that is not true I still talk to my one aunt but sometimes I feel like a burden to her but she gets me and that is so important for me to have someone who gets me and still loves me. I have been doing a lot of praying about this and I know that God is with me but sometimes, a lot of the times I feel that even He is far away.
Oh well what is one to do. I guess go and try to sleep-I have a long day tomorrow or later I mean!

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