Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Long day

Have you ever just had a day that seems to be soooooooooooooo long? Well that was my day today. I went to work-easy but then it went long after that. Had to take Jordan to the doctors again. Can this girl ever catch a break? They think she may have a bladder or a kidney infection so they are treating her for that with 3 meds. Hopefully that is the case. Then I got a call from my doc and I have a bacterial infection-meds for that. Picked up Lonnie from work. Went to my Grief Share class! I am always so drained emotionally afterwards. Went to the pharmacy to pick up our meds still wasn't ready. Walked around Wal*Mart until it was. Came home to some drama in the neighborhood with kids that included mine. I think that is my clue to call it a day. Tomorrow has to be better-don't ya think?

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