Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Are you up for a Challenge

Courtney at Women Living Well Blog is hosting a Peace on Earth December Challenge. I have decided that I will be participating-actually I have already started. I currently have my candle lit and the Bible Verse on my calendar. I also have it on a sheet of paper that I look at every night before going to sleep. I plan on memorizing it and putting it with my others that I did with Beth Moore on her blog.

I will be honest I struggle with the whole peace thing at home. However, I know it is very important and so I am working on it.

Won't you join me?


Conny said...

sounds good to me!! :)

Anonymous said...

Visiting your blog via the December Challenge from Courtneys blog.. I understand the peace thing in the home.. but today as my candle was lit and I found my self in the kitchen alot today.. I think I said more peace prayers than I ever have for my home.. and for that it was quite a positive thing... just as my family was having personality clashes.. my eyes would glance over at that darn candle and I was reminded again to pray.. Hang in there fellow challenger you will get that peace.. I just know it..

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you from WLW Peace on Earth Challenge.

Looking forward to a peaceful month!

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