Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30 Days of Thanks (Day 30)

Phew!!! I made it! When I first thought about joining Conny & doing this I figured I would miss a day or two or three but I hadn't. I did need to combine some days but I thought about it on those days.So here I am on the last day and I have been wondering what I would be thankful for today and lots came to me-my husband(did that a couple of times), good Bible Study ladies-check,music-check-quiet-check and then it really hit me. I am most thankful for 3 things or should I say........ I have never wanted to be anything but what I am currently doing. That is be a Mom. I would love to sit here and say I have been the best there is but that is not true. I have failed and not only failed but sometimes miserably but I always get back up and carry on. I LOVE my three kids. I would die for them and even kill for them. They are so much like me that truth be told it is scary because even though they have the good parts they also have the not so good. They have brought me over the years many laughs and yes tears but they are great in my eyes.We are entering a whole new phase of life where they don't need me as much and so I am struggling with it but I am doing my best. I know that Lonnie & I have raised pretty darn kids(even on the bad days) and that they will do GREAT things in life!
This is my favorite picture of them-it was their first one!
My first baby Chelsea-you poor thing. I had no idea what to do or how to do it. You were stuck with a mom who had to learn all on her own-a dad who was underway more than he was home. However, you were loved & wanted it. You were and still are an "old soul". You see the good in people and always wants what is best. You are going off to college in the Fall and even though I am thrilled for you and a little sad for me I know you will do AWESOME!!!
Oh Jordan you who were a surprise but a loved surprised. You were such a quiet baby. You just were happy being wherever you were & let Chelsea be the boss of you. You were her "Baby Jordan". Life for you has been up & down but I have watched you grow up into a wonderful young lady. You are fair but take no bull from anyone-you speak your mind and tell it like it is. I know that you will be happy in life because you are willing to take risk.
Ahhhhh my boy! Oh what can I say. From the moment I knew I would have a son I was over the moon. Don't get me wrong I love your sisters but there is something about a mama and her son. You make my life interesting. Boys are just different-good but different. You have no fear! You live life and are a pretty well rounded kid. I can't wait to see the man you become!
So today and everyday I am thankful for my 3 kids-I don't always take the time to say it.
I have truly been given more than I deserve by being their Mom.

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Conny said...

awwww, this makes me a little sappy too because after all, I have "known" your kids for 10 years now!! :) They are great kids - and yes, you ARE a great mom!!! :)

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