Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Corner Cabinet 2

Finally I have painted it! Took long enough didn't it? The problem-not sure what color I wanted to use. I knew the shelves would be red but what red? And the rest was just a lot to think about to. Black? Brown? Well brown won out & I couldn't have been happier with the results. Here are the pics.

It took 6 coats of red for me to get it where I liked it! The door took 4 coats to cover up the before.

Overall I am pretty please with how it turned out-like I said on FB it is not perfect but it is perfect for me.

The only thing I am thinking about is the stuff on the shelves-I love the stuff not sure I like them on here. So, any suggestions I am all for it!

~Bobbie Jo

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Conny said...

LOVE IT!!!! Lots of work with all those layers of paint, no doubt - but so worth it.

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