Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I think.................

God is trying to tell me something.
Really I do but it isn't the manner in which I would like-a slap upside the head kind. Anywho, yesterday went to Bible Study and the topic was "forgiveness". OK I get it that is what we are to do and some of what I read was "ouch." Then I did some driving of kids and husband(his car is in the shop). Went to my Tuesday night Bible Study and yep talked about" forgiveness" again. Do you think it could be a trend?
Well, I went bed and before going to sleep I read some sort of devotion-actually the night before I switched them since the one I read before I have been doing so at least 2 years and I needed a change. So, I opened it up to the date and I about threw the book-last nights topic was "forgiveness".
So, I am 100% thinking that this is something God wants me to do and to be honest-I am thinking Oh heck no! lol That is way to hard.
So, on my "quiet" time of driving kids and husbands this morning, I went to the place in my mind and what has been on my heart "forgiveness" and thought about it. Do I really forgive? I mean really? I have been hurt in the past by mostly family and I would say that yes I forgave them but I am thinking I don't really think I did. I mean it is easy for me since I don't see them and rarely if ever talk with them so it is easy to say yes I have but in truth I don't think I have fully. It is just out of sight-out of mind kind of things. Do you know what I mean? Then even closer to home is have I done things that need to be forgiven? What about to Lonnie? The kids? Hmmmmmm
things to think about it-pray about. I am grateful though that I have a God who loves me even with all my flaws. God is good!

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Camille said...

Hi There! You just left a comment after me on Michelle's blog and I thought I'd just come on over to visit you!

It is a blessing to see that the Lord is working in your heart on this one. Forgiveness is IMPOSSIBLE without the Holy Spirit accomplishing it THROUGH us! What a blessing that God does not leave us to ourselves. I have been working on a post on this very topic and we just heard an amazing sermon on it this past Sunday. We all need to hear this...true forgiveness is so powerful!

May the Lord bless you as you seek Him!


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