Thursday, September 10, 2009

I have been slacking..............

in posting. I have been reading but just haven't had much to say. Well no that isn't true I have had things to say but truth be told some of them weren't nice & I was just being grumpy and I have been really trying NOT to complain about certain things. So there ya have it!

The girls were sick two days this week and let me tell you they were whiny! However, they are better and went back to school but now I think either I have what they have or I am just tired! Either way I did a whole lot of nothing today. The most strenuous thing I did was shower. My house is not clean to my liking but tomorrow is another day. :)

We had our PWOC kick-off on Tuesday! It was a nice night of fellowshipping with the ladies. I sure did miss them. I think it is going to be a good year of growing with God. We started our first study and I am having a hard time not reading the whole darn thing-quickly. :) I am up to chapter 4. oops! :)

I also stated my 6th grade Girls Bible Study at church. Love it! I only had 3 but that will work. They seem like a neat group of young ladies.

Also, I have been given an award from one of my fellow PWOC sisters and friend Christina at luvinthislife Thanks Christina!!!

So, I have been thinking about this and I am passing it on to two people myself. One I have known what seems like forever and we have only met a once in real life if I am not mistaken but am truly blessed to call her friend and that is Conny at From the Heart of My "Haus" and the other is Jennifer at Smelling Coffee She is a new friend but with her writing it "talks" to me. I don't always comment but she is that good. Please take a minute or two and check them out. :)


Smelling Coffee said...

Well,What a blessing! Thank you, Bobbie Jo! I'm honored that you read and would consider me a friend. I think of you that way too. :-)

Thanks for your awesome and heartfelt comment on the 9-11 post! And - not because I have to, but because I want to... Thank you and your family for serving God and our country in the military. I deeply appreciate the faithfulness to this call on your lives.

May the Lord bless and strengthen you - and may you get your house cleaned tomorrow. :-) (jk!)


Conny said...

And THANK YOU from me too :) I remember when we met in DC ... Anna wasn't even 1 year old yet (we moved from VA when she was about 9 months old)! But we go back even further than that - I remember LL going to KINDERGARTEN!
I appreciate your friendship, support, and honesty. <3 you!

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