Monday, September 14, 2009

38 things...................................

In honor of my 38th Birthday I give you 38 things that you may or may not want to know. lol Enjoy! Not in any particular order-just what comes to me! lol

1. I am married to a wonderful guy!
2. I have 3 pretty darn good(overall) kids!
3. I am 5'1" and a half and wish I was only 5 feet!
4. I have 2 dogs that I am crazy about even though I act like I don't!
5. I am growing in my faith and feel better about it!
6. I have good friends both in real life and online!
7. I LOVE TV! It is usually on from the time I get up and to when I go to bed. Background noise.
8. I don't mind get older! I can't wait for the 40's.
9. I LOVE Chocolate & haven't found a piece I don't like!
10. Not a fan of nuts! However, I do live with some. :)
11. I have no regrets!
12. I love my truck!
13. I love love LOVE Gone with the Wind!
14. I love the color green and yellow.
15. I love yellow roses more than red!
16. Love Sunflowers!
17. Can talk a lot and super fast!
18. I have an anger issue-get mad first then calm down. Working on that!
19. Miss my mom like crazy!
20. I love a clean house but sometimes hate to do it!
21. Love being a mom! Even when they drive me crazy-which they do!
22. I am afraid of mice & rats! Will run like a screaming girl.
23. I have a black thumb but would love to have a flower garden.
24. I LOVE the Navy! :)
25. Have a good life!
26. Love Love LOVE diet pepsi!
27. I am confident 90% of the time-the other 10% working on it.
28. I hate the snow & cold weather associated with it.
29. Not a fan of the Heat either! lol
30. Am a fence sitter-see both sides of every story. Sometimes a good thing but sometimes not!
31. Thirteen years ago was pregnant with -the Boy and bought a mini van! Good times!
32. Love being on time! Not a fan of people who are late but learning to let go of that!
33. Love using !!!!!!!!!!! and - in my sentences. I know they don't always go but oh well!
34. Learning to love me-the me I am!
35. Have overcome a lot of stuff in life and guess what I am still here!
36. Phew this is stinkin hard!
37. I color my hair or I think I would be almost all gray.
38. In my Bible reading I read that I am wonderfully made and thought how COOL is that!

Well there you have it 38 things!


♥luvin♥this♥life♥ said...

Happy Birthday!

I feel ya in #20 and #23... even though my flower bed is pretty nice (by my black thumb standards.. hehe)

Conny said...

Those are 38 wonderful things! I was just thinking that if I wrote this, soon I'd have to write 39(!) wonderful things....I'm not scared of 40 either, especially since Dan has already been there/done that - and he's just getting better & better :)

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