Saturday, August 8, 2009

The road less traveled.............

That is what has been on my mind-driving. Did I tell you all that I have been what it seems like to me all over the great state of Texas? Did you know it is BIG! I mean it-BIG!!!!!!!

Anywho, well my latest drive has been to Corpus Christi-it is a mere 5.5 hours from my house. Well the drive home took me 7 or so hours I don't know why but the drive home from anywhere has been longer.And I get to drive again tomorrow!

I have been in thought & prayer on how life is going. I mean my life for the most part is good-I have a great husband even though sometimes I forget how good he is to me. I have 3 healthy kids who are happy(depending on their mood-remember I have teenagers),well liked by their peers, well adjusted(we move around alot due to the military) and overall "good" kids.

We are out in the community not only with the military but the civilian side and making friends.

Now here is where I am at hence the title-I feel as if I am on a journey/road and I haven't been on it before and if I have I have since forgotten all about it. I feel somewhat unnerved by it and I am not sure why. I feel this not even sure what to call it but there is something there on my heart & head. It doesn't feel "bad" but it is just there. I have been having conversations with God about it and nothing has come of it. So, I know at this point I am to just "be" and for someone like me that is very hard to do. So currently I am traveling not only in real every day life but some other sort of journey and I am taking the road less traveled so if you happen to pass me on the road-give a little wave. I am sure it will be just what is needed.


Conny said...

:::::::;;;waving::::::::::: from my road less traveled too! I have just spent a lot of time on Ft. Leonard Wood as my parents were here - and I'd almost forgotten what a military base was like! I miss it sometimes!!

PS You might come to the Lake of the Ozarks!!!!!? I hope you do! That's where my doctor is - and it's not too far from me - I'd love to see you.

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

::waving::from Japan! Praying you enjoy the's quite an adventure.

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