Wednesday, August 12, 2009


That is what I have been. Just normal mom kind of stuff but still busy-if you know what I mean.
This week I have been getting up at 5:30 am to make sure that Jordan is up for her friend to pick her up so she can attend two-a-days at the football field. No-she isn't playing football she is training to be a Trainer and she has to go because it is a class for HS and she gets graded and it counts for her PE credit to graduate. lol So, anywho I make sure she is up and then I hate to admit it but I do go back to bed for about an hour to an hour & half for more sleep. I then get up & take Chelsea to the HS for Marching Band. I am so not a morning person. I keep saying that I am going to go to bed earlier but I don't. One I am sleepy and the fact is I have trouble sleeping at night and oh yea I am a night owl. I can get so much done when I know everyone else is tucked in their bed. lol
So we got some good news. We had Chelsea appointment about getting her braces put back on for a 3rd time. And he said she doesn't need it!!!!
::::::::::::::::::::::::Happy dance:::::::::::::::::::::
He said what he would do is try a better retainer. She came with the one from Hawaii but had to have her top replaced here so she has 2 different ones. He did say that she has a tiny issue that could be fixed with bottom braces but he thinks the retainer will help. Most people can't even see the issue-we couldn't until he showed us on her mouth mold-it was that tiny. :) Can I get a praise here! I mean we would have sucked it up & paid for since our dental paid for her a long long long time ago so the new retainer is only $135 vs the $3500 or so for braces. We are happy!!! Now we can finish up with Jordan and start on the Boy. He has to have 2 teeth pulled-it was 4 but 2 just fell out so we saved some money there. lol
Tonight we had 19 teenagers in my house! Good Lord were they loud & fun! Chelsea is a section leader for the Marching Band and they decided to have a Clarinet Section party. They made bandanas to wear for practice & games and ate pizza/brownies/cake and soda.
I took the Boy school shopping the yesterday-he got a few things and we still need to get shoes & jeans. It is so funny to see how his tastes have changed. He still will let us shop at Wal*Mart for jeans and some other stuff but he asked to go to Ross's so he could buy some "skater" clothes. :) He got 3 or 4 skater shirts and of course a jacket-why he needs one when it is 100+ outside is beyond me but he doesn't make to much of a fuss so of course I got him the jacket-it is a little big but he said he can grow into it! I sure do hope so! lol He really doesn't out grow to much right now he is just hard on stuff and it mostly wears out. He is much easier then the girls.


Conny said...

I think some people are just destined to remain NIGHT OWLS forever. I've tried to change - but I just can't be a morning person. :)
I need to school shop soon .. we start Aug 20. Bleck. Thankfully my kids wear uniforms so clothes are the easy part. We need new backpacks, lunch boxes, etc.

Rebekah said...

I tend to get more done after everyone is in bed.

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