Monday, August 17, 2009

Nothing really.............

going on here-pretty much the same old same old. It has been a rather quiet Monday. Jordan had Trainers and Chelsea started Driver's Ed. Thank goodness for the latter. :) She is ready now and I have been ready for awhile. lol

I have laundry done! The house is pretty clean-I need to vacuum and will do that tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the Big guys b-day. I will make him a cake and a nice dinner at home. We have a few parent activities tomorrow night. Life goes on!

The kids go back to school a week from today! Yipeeeeee!!! I am happy and they are happy! This also means that other good stuff will be starting. On Tuesday it is Bible Study at my church. Can't wait for that! Then PWOC is right around the corner! Life is good!


Conny said...

hope Big Lonnie has a nice birthday! getting back into a routine is nice once school starts - I think I'm almost ready to give in to it. :)

Rebekah said...

Glad things are going well

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