Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Been a couple of days

Today is day 3 and it went much better. For the girls it was yesterday but the Boy needed an extra day. I know what his deal was but I just had to ride it out until he figured it out on his own. He was TIRED!!!!! And he needed to change his bedtime. lol He has to get up now at 6 am so he can leave by 6:30 to get to football practice and well it has been kicking his booty because he wasn't going to bed until 10 or after-which is fine with me as long as he gets up in the morning or I change it. lol He now wants his "bedtime" to me 9 or a few min. after. :) So here is hoping that tomorrow will be on the road to some what peace.
The girls are doing well so far. Tomorrow Jordan's is first "real" football game as a Trainer. It is for the JV team and then on Friday she goes with the Varsity. :) She seems to be enjoying herself. Chelsea is still in Drivers Ed. I can't wait for that to be over. It is a good thing and so needed but the extra time and stuff that has been juggled is a mess but we are making it work.
I started Bible Study yesterday at church and I have already read the first chapter and have started the questions. I only have 3 left to do! I really just want to keep on reading but that maybe getting way to ahead. lol

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