Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good-bye June and a whole lot of rambling.......

Can I just say-where did June go? Really? I was looking at the calendar earlier today and realized that tomorrow is July 1. How did that happen? WOW! They say time flies when you are having fun but that fast? So, lots going on and nothing going on. How is that for a statement?!
Had my follow-up today about my MRI. Good news it was normal-bad news not sure what is causing the headaches. He said they are a-typical. They don't fit into one basket. Nice!! Just like me to be a little of this and a little of that. lol Anywho, he is going to keep me on the meds since they are working-not 100% but he is happy that I am having no side effects from them. After that we will see what happens. I still said I can deal with the headaches just not the fuzzy brain parts. I am not as fuzzy so I am getting better. Thanks to those of you who prayed. :)

So, with tomorrow being July 1 that means we leave for our big trip in 7 days. ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!
Ok-I am not ready but I better get ready. I am a little actually a lot bummed that all of us aren't going. I know that commitments have been made and I totally 100% support that but I still want to change my mind. lol This summer has really made me think about how short of a time I have left with my kids at home. And I hate to admit I don't like it BUT like it all at the same time! lol I am a mess! They are growing up and will soon spread their wings and will leave home. I so want to stop time but at the same time I can't wait to see what they are going to do with their life.
I am driving myself crazy and I know I get this way when I am stressed. I can't help it-so I have learned long ago not to fight it just go with it and in the end I'll be fine.

Really I will be-I have been praying like crazy and I have this thought on my heart and I feel that God is speaking to me-not the way I want but nonetheless I am "hearing" something. I also have been reading my bible and I have to say I am a little-no make that a lot freaked out about it. I have been just opening it not really to any particular page or book or verse and when I start reading it is exactly what either I needed to hear or feel. I know it is a God thing but hello it freaks me out. lol I am so glad that we have a God who gets me or I would be so in for it. :)

So, there are my random and not so random thoughts and if you have made it this far-thanks! :)

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Conny said...

You have my thoughts & prayers as you go on your trip. And for the future too ... I get crazy enough thinking of MY kids leaving me -and they are younger than yours!! :) ((((((((())))))s

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