Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Who Am I?

I read this on Shannon's blog :God's Everyday Girl

This is a post about who am I? Can I just say for some reason I have had this topic on my mind for a while and laughed when I read this today on her blog.

So, where it goes.........................

Who Am I?

I am a wife for almost 18 years and a mother to 3 pretty darn good kids. Two girls 16 & 15 and a 12 year old boy-who we call The Boy! :)

My husband is in the Navy and so I get to follow him wherever they send him. And what an adventure we have had. I personally love it!

I have been pretty much a stay at home mom with the occasional job here and there to make life more interesting.

I am computer illiterate and have taught myself a lot of stuff on here. I love reading blogs and Facebook. I attend PWOC which is Bible Study for military folks. Love it! Next year I will be serving on the board. I can't wait and feel nervous about it all in one. We attend a great church here and are starting to feel like "home". We bought our first house and nothing makes you a grown-up like that did. I didn't feel that scared when I had the kids! lol

I am a night owl-which is not good when you have kids. I make it work though. Eventually I think I want to go to college and study nothing really but I think I would enjoy that. I have been out of high school 20 years this year and will be going back to Ohio to attended it. Oh my! I have 2 dogs who drive me crazy but do love them(don't tell my husband-I tell him I only love the big dog not the little one)!

I love love diet pepsi and drink way to much! It is the first thing I drink in the morning and the last at night. :)

I am stubborn and opinionated and unfortunately I have a temper that I am working on. I am not nearly as bad as I use to be when I was younger. I am going to be 38 this year and I can not wait until I turn 40. :)

I love !!!!!!!!!!!! and - Not sure why but I do so you will see them often in my post or e-mails. :)

I get my nails done every 2 week-I pay for them since I can't grow them to save my life. I love the way my hands look with them and I enjoy going. I can sit and relax for one hour. :) I am short! Which I love-I wish I was exactly 5 foot but I am not. I am 5'1" and a half. lol :)

I lost my mom 4 years ago and I still miss her every day and sometimes I "forget" and want to call her about the kids. :( Don't be sad for me it is just a part of my life.

I love my husband, my kids, the Navy, our Country and most of all I love GOD!


Shannon said...

Thanks for coming by my blog Bobbie Jo and its great to "meet" you!! I also attend PWOC and really enjoy spending time with some of God's amazing women.


Bobbi Jo said...

Great post! Love learning about my bloggy friends. I love your last line. I too love my hubby, kiddos and the military services that fight to protect our wonderful country. I also love God and can't imagine my life with out this love. Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Blessed Beyond said...

What a great post!!! Thank you for serving in the silent ranks and to your Husband for all his years of Service! It is greatly appreicated!
Hugs and Blessings,

Blessed Beyond said...

Thank you for always visiting me! Have a wonderful day!
Hugs and Blessings,

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