Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stick Girl Cow & Self-esteem & some Prayers

So, it has been a few days. Sorry! I just had some stuff on my mind.

The other day I went for a walk with some ladies & their daughters(none of mine went) and they started talking about how "fat" they were. I almost went home right then and there because this is how we compare:

Now PLEASE don't misunderstand me or feel bad for me. I know I am a big girl but am working on it. However, my concern is more for the other ladies. They are both skinny & eat right and exercise and the way they see themselves just made me sad. The one had on shorts and said they were skin tight and truth be told-they were to big. They both have such low self esteem that I just wanted to cry for them and their daughters who were apart of the group. I mean these are woman that have college educations, good jobs and wonderful families. I am all for exercising ok let me rephrase that or I would be lying. I am all for YOU to exercise and being healthy(I am working on that but that is a whole other post) but you must love yourself first. I don't know but the whole conversation upset me in the beginning. However, we of course changed subjects many times and it was fun-except I really thought they were trying to kill me on the walk. We walked up some hills and well that is so not a good combo for me & they have long legs and well mine aren't & my asthma at one point was kicking up and I told them if I passed out just leave me be and get Lonnie. lol I made it! I didn't die! And I think we walked 4 miles. The only bad thing was by the time I got home I couldn't feel my feet they were numb. Not good!

So, I am around-reading and thinking.

I am going to end this with some prayer concerns and if you can please pray for me.

* Lonnie's mom they think has COPD-we can't get a straight answer from her and well the siblings are not anymore helpful. She was told to quit smoking, get her diabetes in check and she is at a Level 2 out of 4 and 4 is bad.

** Teenagers

*** Lastly PWOC-I have prayed, others have prayed and I will be(if voted on)
Administrative Coordinator and I am ready for the challenge and to see where God is leading me but also a little freaked out. Just the way I am. I want to do a good job! This will be a first for me,so, please be praying for me.


Blessed Beyond said...

you have my prayers! And I agree it is so sad to see others with such low self esteem! Heart breaking!
Hugs and Blessings,

Conny said...

good post, BJ. Junior High & High school girls in general scare me to death w/ the whole self image thing...and movies/TV doesn't help :(
I'll be anxious to hear your church's decision about you leading the group - I think you'd be GREAT!! And you have so much GS experience, I bet you could put some of that to good use! :)

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