Thursday, March 12, 2009

Skiing, teens, and boys .....

Oh my! lol
The girls are leaving tomorrow night to go skiing with the youth group. They are now packing(just like their mom in the area), they have coats, gloves, scarves, hats, ski pants all of that. However, Lonnie said something and at the same moment we realized that they were missing one thing. An important thing and good luck finding it. Boots-they have no boots. OMG what were we thinking? We weren't! Oops!! Ok so I am thinking about what I have and I remember that I have some boots but they don't fit either girl. So, being the good dad Lonnie takes them to Wal*Mart and they got what they had-rain boots which wasn't much but it is better then having wet feet. I still can't believe we didn't think about boots. Oh well I personally hate snow so there. lol

Teens-Gosh I love them I do! I just don't remember all the craziness of it. Or maybe I do. I had to have a heart to heart talk with Chelsea. She is a good kid and is smart but not so sure about her & this boy. She is talking to the one who broke her heart in a text. Yikes. She thinks they are meant to be and I am trying really hard to be supportive but it is hard. So, if you can pray for me and for her and for him that would be great.

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