Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Praying & following

I have been praying for awhile-there is the 31 days I have been doing for my husband and of course the kids and bible study & church but this past week I have had someone on my mind. I mean crazy on my heart. I would have to stop through out the day and pray. Wasn't long type prayers but still I felt that I just had to do it. Well I saw this person tonight and had to tell them I was praying for them all week. WOW! Were they shocked and teared up & told me they needed it more than anything. WOW!!!! We talked more about it and boy do I feel-I don't want to say relieved but peaceful about it. This is hard for me. I mean hard. I know that God is definitely leading this train but still it just shocks me. Me with my "issues" and all.

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Conny said...

that's a cool experience, BJ. :)

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