Thursday, February 26, 2009

This & that Thursday!

Phew what a day! I had things to do and it was a nice day out. Well let me rephrase that it was a HOT day out! However take that away and it would be perfect. I love sun shining and blue skies. Apparently we broke the record for the highest temp on this day. It was 97-95 depends on who you ask.My only concern is if it is this hot in February what the heck will summer be like?! I am afraid! I really really hate being hot!
Anywho, I helped serve with our church for the "Grace & Grub". It is where a local church near the High School serves free lunch to any highschooler who is allowed to leave campus. It was neat to see. They have been doing it for about 8 years I think. I started out with 50 kids and has grown sometimes over 250. How cool is that? Each church takes turns supplying the meal-ours does Taco Salad. And can I say my girl Chelsea is in love. That is one of her favorite meals. lol It was neat to see all the kids and how friendly they are.
Jordan went to Sweetwater today to play in a softball tournament. They lost both games but played well. The one game they played a varsity team and only lost by 3(she is JV) so that is pretty darn good. She also was the catcher for a bit. That freaks me out a bit. She use to be one in baseball but now that she has her braces I worry. I know she wears a mask and has a guard but still. Oh well-I will have to get over that. The team is going back tomorrow so no school for her-which isn't a big deal since it is half day because of the rodeo. Can I just say that makes me laugh.

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