Friday, January 9, 2009

WOW Friday!

I haven't posted since Monday! I have just been busy. I have checked mail and commented on other blogs but didn't post anything on mine. What have I been up to? Normal stuff-work, driving kids around and appointments. We all had eye appointments today-what fun! The boy is the only one with 20/20 with no glasses. The girls & I had our prescriptions go up a little. Blech! So, new glasses for me-need to find them and more contacts for the girls. I did ask about lasik and I am thinking about it. Work is well I am not even sure what to say about it. This week was just rough-the kids were out of it and there was some drama in the baby building. It is getting harder to stay but I am praying about it. For now I still feel as I am being "led" there. I do love the babies-but not sure if that is enough. So, continue to keep me in your prayers for that. I am learning my bible verse. I am getting it! :) Go me! I really need to learn Scripture. Also, I am being nudged to read Isaiah. Not sure why & don't understand it but I am doing a little each night. On Tuesday we had the PWOC kick-off. I was happy to go back. Can't wait to get the Bible Study for that. This upcoming week we start our 6th grade Bible Study. Which reminds me I need to look at the book again. I can't wait to see the girls-I have missed their crazy, giggling selves. So that is my life this week in a nut shell of sorts.


De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Go Bobbie - I'm proud of your memorizing.....I'm still working on that Psalm....I'm determined to get it. LOL

Isaiah - cool book.

Just me~ Bobbie Jo said...

You will get the Psalm! :)

Glad to hear Isaiah is a cool book- I am still reading it.

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