Monday, January 12, 2009

Officially have lost my mind

Yep that is what I have done! I have allowed members of my family talk me into getting another dog. One that was suppose to be "small" and guess what-it is just as big as my 75+ lap dog. lol No pictures as of yet. We are just testing to see if she is going to work out-if not we will give her back! Oh my!!! She is still a puppy-cute-but a puppy! Wish me luck?!
I am not against another dog but I am just not sure! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

In other news-work was interesting-as always.
Tomorrow is my follow-up to my surgery. This should be the end of it as long as I get a clean bill of health. Praying for that! To me it seems to be working!

Well, I have had a massive headache all day so I am going to go to bed!

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Jennifer said...

what were you thinking? :) Seriously though, for us , two dogs work. They do entertain each other a lot and that is helpful.

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