Sunday, January 4, 2009

The boy.......................... & other stuff

gets to go back to school tomorrow on crutches. :) What a way to start the new year off!
He was across the street-skating boarding on their "half-pipe" I think that is what it is called. And well he flipped off and landed on his knee. At first they thought he broke his knee cap but the x-ray didn't say that-they aren't sure if he tore ligaments or not because of the swelling so we have to wait for it to go down! Good times here!
And other stuff.......................
we finally decided to officially join our church here. We have been attending since we got here in June but didn't feel like it was time to join but today it did! I feel better now for some reason. Up until now I felt-out of sorts. Not sure we were suppose to be there or not. The kids love it and have jumped right in and even Lonnie & I are teaching a 6th grade bible study class but I didn't feel like I was "led" there until today. I feel like a great big weight has been lifted.
So that has been my day.

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