Thursday, November 20, 2008

Turkey & Ham

I am cooking both right now!!! They are 28 lbs each. One is in the oven and the other is my brand new roaster that Lonnie bought for me. I love it-it has 3 compartments that you can add to it so you can use it as a buffet. Here it is:

I think it will come in handy. Anywho, since I am not allowed to lift I had a helper-Jordan! :) She did it willingly! :) This makes me happy! I think she is trying to get her phone back but not happening yet but I did enjoy our time together.

The kids are off school next week! They are very happy about that! It was funny we were talking about it and they assumed I would be off work too. I told them nope only Thursday & Friday. For some reason they just didn't get it! I think they think everyone is off since there is no school. lol The only thing they have to do next week is go to the Orthodontist! Chelsea has to get her retainer tightened and the other two are seeing where we are with them getting them.

Well I am going to play on here for a bit and then off to bed! I am tired and I will probably be thinking and smelling good stuff since our room is next to the kitchen!

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