Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hump day

It has been a couple of days-I think! lol Not really much going on the same old same old. Work is OK! We have a new baby-he is a cutie but he needs some love. I won't get into it but I am praying for him. Then there are my "regulars" oh the things I see with them just breaks my heart. I just love on them like crazy!
Today Lonnie brought me lunch and so he brought enough for the girls too. Oh my they spent the next 30 min. chatting about it. lol They also said he was very good looking in his uniform. I must agree! :)
Chelsea is happy she got her new clarinet, Jordan is unhappy-she is grounded and the boy is well the boy! They have been testing and he is a little out of it!
We had the 6th grade Bible Study-sort of. Only one girl showed up and only 4 boys. So, the boys played football and us girls( me, the other leader and our one girl) chatted. I must say it was exactly what "I" needed tonight. We talked about everything and nothing and it was just what God wanted us to do. It doesn't get any better than that!
I am working on my PWOC Bible Study-I am "getting" it even though I second guess myself. I keep praying on that.
I still have the question on my heart of "Do you know me?" I keeping asking but no real answer except for another question. This is what is placed on my heart: "Do you know me? Do you see me?" Hmmmmmmmmm! Not sure what I am to do with that! I guess I will just keep praying!
Well I am off to read some blogs and then onto my devotional and off to bed.

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