Sunday, October 5, 2008

What a weekend....

I am now home for the rest of the night! I am tired. We had a crazy weekend. Saturday morning started off bright & early at 5:30 AM to get the oldest. The band had an away game and that is the time they got back from it. Then it was home and trying to get another hour of sleep but that wasn't working out for me. Lonnie had 2 funerals to do for the Navy so he was up and out early. So, that left me to shuttle kids. So, the girls got up and I took them to pick up the items they needed for the Harvest Fest at our church and then they went to work it! I ran some errands for the committee since I didn't have to "work" it until later. So then back home to pick up the boy from his sleep-over and off we went to work our two hours at the Fest. Back home for him to get ready to go to his football game and then we went there. It was HOT!!!!! Back home to attend our Block party. We left early and I went to bed at 9:30 that is way early for me but on top of getting up way to early I am not feeling well. I think I either have a chest cold which is what I hope not since I tend to have it turn into bronchitis which will then trigger my asthma or I have a sinus infection. So I am hoping for the latter. Then Sunday was church, Sunday school, softball practice for J while the others were walking at the CROP walk and then back to church to unload pumpkins and have dinner. So, here I am! I am going to try and rest for the evening. I need to work on laundry and getting stuff ready for the week. I "think" I will even go to bed early tonight. I am pooped. Oh I need to work on both of my Bible Studies. The one tomorrow I am going to miss to take the girls to a local Girl Scout meeting here to see if they want to join that troop. They are ready to get back into the swing of things with that. But I need to finish Tuesday's Bible Study-I think I only have a few more questions to do but I am not sure if I can even concentrate on it tonight or not. I see that I am rambling here. So, I should go!

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