Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yesterday,Today and Tomorrow

I have been thinking about what to write about and what not to. Should I post today and what not. I decided to post!
Today is Sept. 11 and for the American people it is such a wide variety of emotions. For some it is a day of lost innocence and to others it really has no real meaning. What I mean about that is-today at work they were talking about it like it was a long time ago. I know it was 7 years ago but to me that doesn't seem so long ago. Then as they continued to talk about it I realized that most of them were only in high school most were only in 10 th grade and in some cases younger(but I don't want to think to much about that).
Today is also a day of remembrance for me besides that terrible one that happened 7 years ago.
Today should have been my birthday. :) My mom was pregnant with me 37 years ago and her baby sister (my favorite Aunt) was to get married and so she didn't go to the wedding and guess who didn't show up until 3 days later?! Yep ME!!!!!!
I really miss my mom and lately it has been heavily on my mind. I am not sure why-except maybe I am just tired. I am working and as much as I love the babies and let me tell you I love the babies-I want to take them all home with me but I know I can't-I just don't know how much more I can do/take. I know that some will tell me to quit but I really can't right now. One reason is I feel led to be there and I am trying to be obedient and the other is we have decided to get out of debt and unfortunately that will require two incomes. We can make it on one but there is not a lot of room for extras and well with 3 kids who are pretty active and costly we feel that this is the best path to take. I know it won't be forever but I may need to do some more praying. I guess I should go for now-I have laundry calling and meals to plan.

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Conny said...

good post, BJ.....I hear ya on having to try to understand the young adults today who don't really "get it". We have some of them around our school....
Anyway, I'll be praying for you about the day care job. I so understand the knowing you are supposed to be at a job, even if the reason isn't quite clear.

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